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iMenzer Industrial Automation Services - a team of highly educated professionals with extensive knowledge and experiences in the Industrial Automation environment. We are able to cover almost every aspect in the industrial automation industry almost everywhere on the globe. Whether you need support in managing complete projects; optimize complex automation lines; process data acquisition (connect shop floor and enterprise IT) or technical consulting: iMenzer's Industrial Automation Services is the right partner for you.

With proven success working as a Project Manager for special machine builder; Process Engineer for a Automotive Tier 1 supplier; head of Global Sales & Marketing; Application Engineer for industrial communication; Business Unit manager to only list a few - our team delivers many years of diversified experiences from practice.


Project Management

Ongoing automation project? Whether it's an enhancement of a existing system or a complete new line - iMenzer takes the responsibility for project coordination and controlling. 

Process Optimization

Need to make a production process more efficient; ensure zero-failure output? We have the know-how & experience to make your process sustainable reliable!


iMenzer is offering independent consulting within the industrial automation sector. Key trends, IIoT, market dynamics, potential areas of growth, supplier selection,...

PLC & Vision

We are offering (remote) support in PLC, Robotic and Vision programming. Our software developer have broad knowledge in Siemens PLC, Cognex vision and robotic.

Together we will make all necessary steps to lift your production process to a sustainably successful level! Of course we consider all exchanged informations as non-disclosure informations.

Project Management

You have a small or mid size project - we will take the responsibility for the project coordination and controlling.
Our project management team handled complete automation projects of different sizes successfully. From the design phase and definition of specifications until the integration into the production. We also support you with the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and final approval from your customer.

project management controlling system integration

No project is too small for us. Often you need to enhance existing systems. The iMenzer team is also the perfect partner for you this scenario. We completed many small/ midsize projects upgrading already existing production lines. We work hand-in-hand with external suppliers and your internal departments. iMenzer is the interface to ensure your timeline of completion, your quality requirements and also your budget.


/// Project controlling | Definition of specifications | Process acceptance approval | System enhancement/ upgrade ///

Project Management


industrial automation services cip production process Optimization

Process Optimization

You need to make an existing process more efficient or need to eliminate sporadic production failures?
Optimization of automation lines does not mean to re-invent the technology. The majority of industrial automation lines are unique machines build for a special application. Sporadic failures and machine errors affect your output & quality in a negative way. iMenzer has the experience and knowledge to find the root cause and handle any type of challenging situations.

Complex, semi/ fully automated production lines are intend to safe money on a long-term aspect and supply a reliably higher quality than manual processes. But they need to be "under control" and well maintained to fulfill expected requirements! Delivering only one "no-good" part to your customer involves a lot of work for you (8D reports, re-working, action plans, 100% inspection) and it will cost you a lot of money. Even more important - it is a huge loss of confidence! There should not be any individual inspecting your production 100% to ensure the quality as this is a significant cost factor and counter productive.

Let the team from iMenzer lower your scrap costs and make your process more efficient. We study your whole process chain to understand both, the technical side as well as the manufacturing aspect. Afterwards we will present you a proven concept to continuously improve your process; make it more efficient and raise the uptime of your production.


/// Increase efficiency | 0- Failure production | CIP projects | Six Sigma/ Kaizen ///

Process Optimization


Robotic, Vision, PLC programming

You need (remote) support in Robotic, PLC or Vision programming?
Our team also include specialists in PLC programming, Robot programming as well as experts in setting up and programming Vision Systems. We support you with the set up of new systems and develop complete new programs from scratch. Also adopting programs on existing systems to meet new requirements is a common practice. After the successful integration we also support with the production part approval process. And of course we will teach your team into the new system. Keep in mind that we are also offering remote services.
Our experts are familiar with the following Systems and programming languages:


Robotic programming

- Kuka Robots

- Stäubli


Vision Systems

- Cognex Vision Systems

- Keyence Vision Systems


PLC Programming

- Siemens (Step 7, TIA Portal, Logo)

robotic Siemens plc programming industrial production line


/// Remote support | Programming service | Vision systems | Robotic | PROFINET/ PROFIBUS ///

Robotic, PLC, Vision Programming



You need manufacturer-independent consultation or the newest industry trends and standards to help you making a decision?
The iMenzer team is independent from any OEM; independent from system integrators; independent from any big player in the industrial market. That is exactly the reason why iMenzer can provide you valuable consultation. There are no representations of interests - just rational facts based on experiences and marked observations.

Our professionals are proud helping you to find the supplier or service provider that fit your requirements. We are also offering marked research in regards to the newest industry trends, IIoT, competitor analysis, expected marked growth, potential niches and any other focus agreed individually.


/// Make or Buy | IIoT Consulting | Industry Trends | Marked Dynamics | Growth Potential | Supplier Selection ///


business consulting technical

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